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AGP Arms Mag Extension for XD & XD MOD.2 9/40 Reviews for the product - AGP Arms Mag Extension for XD & XD MOD.2 9/40 (Back to product)
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Great product!

- 13th August 2018

This is exactly what I was looking for. I have the xd9, mod 2 and it added 4 to my 16rd magazine. I'm definitely ordering another to add 4 to the 13 Rd mag. Sturdy, not cheap, good spring. Solid product.

AGP Arms Mag Extension for XD & XD MOD.2 9/40

- 22nd August 2017

Received the item in 2 days. It was a quick and easy install. Loaded the ammo easily and it seated properly in the pistol. I am extremely pleased with the product.

AGP mag extension for XD

- 04th September 2016

This mag extensions are pretty awesome, I didn't even spent a minute on putting it in, highly recommend + an awesome customer serviceπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

AGP mag ext 9mm

- 27th November 2013

I guess I got the exception to the rule. Once installed the mag would NOT lock up in my stock XD( I work in a gunshop , so I tried it with several stock guns. I had to trim the small raised lip with x-acto to fit. Would NOT lock up on my target XD without extensive tooling (think Dremel, x-acto, sandpaper, JB Weld) Would have sent it back but I need one for a match the nxt day-as I had dropped my mag and cracked the end cap the day before. [PG NOTE: We suggest you contact AGP as there may have been an issue with the part you received. That said, not knowing exactly what XD model the extension was installed on, it is hard to offer a suggestion.]

Absolutely amazing

- 04th November 2013

Purchased Friday, received in the mail the following Monday. Love the fast shipping!

The product was very easy to install and was on my magazine in less than a minute. I was actually able to load five extra rounds to my factory 16 round magazine (9mm) with no binding. I'm extremely pleased with the quality and highly recommend this extension to anyone wanting to add a few extra rounds to their capacity.

I'm ordering another one for my second magazine!

My testing got different results...

- 06th June 2013

"Our testing has found that you can easily add five extra rounds to the 16 round 9MM XD magazine..."

Well, it says right on the package that it adds 4 rounds, and sure enough it adds 4 rounds. I can get exactly 20 rounds - no more and no less - in a 16 round magazine with these installed. As another user posted, using the included spring seems to make no difference, either in the mag function or in the mag capacity.

For those interested in using these for USPSA or 3 Gun Matches, they are exactly 143mm long, or just a bit too long to be legal. Just hope nobody checks your mags...

Excellent product

- 12th April 2013

Great fit and performance! Nice and tight. Perfect feeding with no problems. Had it installed onto one of my 12 round XD 40 SC mags in less than 2 minutes.

Slightly overpriced

- 19th February 2013

Bought this for my XD40. Description says it adds three rounds to the twelve round mag I could only get two more unless I used the stock spring, then I could get three. I don't know why you need the new spring its hardly longer than the original. Other than that, it looks and fits great.

Good Product, GREAT seller

- 25th January 2013

The product does what it says it will and I can fit 15 in my XD Tactical. PistolGear is a great seller that actually cares. Thanks for the great product and great service.

It did what they claim

- 03rd January 2013

I can now fit 15 rounds in my 12 round clip and I hand cycled every round without a problem. I haven't shot it yet, but I expect no issues. The fit with plastic extension made it so that i had to really hit the bottom of the mag to get it to lock in. But with a little trimming of the plastic extension with a razor knife it now slides in like it use to.
I plan on buying a few more after I test fire it a few times.

Jusk "OK"

- 19th August 2012

5 extra bullet capacity?!?! Hell yea I said to myself. Unfortunetely it only holds TWO extra... so a 'lil disappointed. Fit is good but will need grip tape added to match the rest of the handle. I would say a little bit too pricey for what you get. Its a $12-$15 part realistically. [PG NOTE: What magazine did you install this on? If you installed on a limited magazine that is fixed at 10 rounds, the issue is the follower and magazine tube and not the AGP extension. To get max capacity, this need to be installed on a full-cap magazine.]

this rocks

- 23rd March 2012

I have 12 of these for my xd-45 and 40. I have never had a problem with these. THEY are the best I have ever used.

Good looking product

- 09th March 2012

I just installed this base extension on my Tactical .40 and it looks good. I dont understand why you say it is too long and will not be legal for Limited in USPSA. It is the exact same length as the mags on my STI Dawson .40 EDGE Custom. Should be ok. Maybe I am missing something. Let me know.

- 27th February 2008

Great product.I was able to get 21 rounds total in a NEW 16 round mag.After spring is broken in it may hold 22

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