Airsoft Pistol – Springfield Armory XD-M (4.5″, Black)


Let’s face facts. The cost of ammunition is high and supplies of ammunition is low.  We have hit the point where practice is costly.  With this airsoft pistol, you will get 90%+ of the learned response you get on a live-fire range (sight picture, front sight focus, trigger pulls, proper grip, reloads, slide release, and more), but from home.  After reviewing the list below, you will see how this true-to-scale XD-M airsoft pistol includes all of the features and functions of a real-steel version.  But, instead of shooting expensive ammunition, this airsoft pistol shoots readily available inexpensive 6MM plastic bbs.  This airsoft pistol is a great option for field play and skirmishes too.

Notice:  You must be 18 years or age or older to purchase – proof of age will be requested prior to shipment. Will not ship to states or cities that prohibit airsoft guns. 

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