“Hammer” Guide Rod for XD Service (4″)


This Guide Rod will fit XD and XD MOD.2 in 9MM, 357SIG and 40SW. Includes BLACK bushing. 

The “Hammer” Guide Rod by PistolGear, modeled after the aggressive texture found on a framing hammer, is a compilation of feedback collected over the years. XD customers required a means of keeping their gun in battery after holstering. Perhaps you have noticed when running a light spring or an “old” spring, your gun is easily knocked out of battery.

By offering a guide rod where the end of the guide rod extends beyond the end of the stock barrel (4″ Service Models), the slide is better protected and less likely to be knocked out of battery when holstering or if the weapon was to be place against a hard surface like a window or dropped to the floor. This product is ideal for those customers such as police officers and those with CCW permits where the gun must be ready at all times.

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