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Leveraging the Venturi effect, the steel PistolGear TIKI Compensator is an excellent accessory for USPSA Open competitors, Steel shooters or those just looking to reduce both muzzle rise/flip as well as felt recoil. Our testing, as shown in the below video, shows that muzzle flip was cut in half and the compensator auto-resets making follow up shots faster when using Major power factor loads.



Compensator for XD/XD-M in 9mm

Leveraging the Venturi effect, the steel PistolGear TIKI Compensator is an excellent accessory for USPSA Open competitors, Steel shooters or those just looking to reduce both muzzle rise/flip as well as felt recoil. Our testing, as shown in the below video, shows that muzzle flip was cut in half and the compensator auto-resets making follow-up shots faster when using Major power factor loads.

Remember, in order for any Compensator to work correctly, you must use higher pressure ammunition (Major loads of 165+pf , +P+ loads, etc).  If you don’t, you will get little benefit from the compensator and/or your pistol will not cycle correctly.

You will need a recoil spring weight of around 14 pounds.  You want to go light enough on the spring so the gun runs, but not too light to where your gun it getting beaten up. For the XD Tactical and the XDM (using our skinny guide rod), we have springs as light as nine pounds!

We designed this compensator to work with suppressor-length threaded barrels.  While each compensator includes two nylon-tipped set screws, we suggest the use of Loctite (at your own risk) as well (Blue 242 for the casual user, Red 271 for competitors).

For use with XD & XD-M barrels only.


  • Caliber: 9MM
  • Material: Steel
  • Color/Finish: Black/Cerakote or Silver/Unfinished “In the White”
  • Finish:  Cerakote
  • Weight: 3.70 ounces
  • Width: 0.920 inches
  • Height: 0.820 inches
  • Length: 1.840 inches
  • Threading: 1/2″ – 28

Fitting: Some fitting may be required.  Should any fitting be required, we highly recommend you use the services of an experienced gunsmith.  If you are the type that wants little to no gap between the end of the slide and the compensator, fitting can be down with a benchtop sander, bench grinder, flat hand file and/or emery paper (assuming you don’t have access to a mill).  The tool(s) required will depend on how much gap you want to remove. Go slow, as you cannot put the material back – take your time!!

Warning: Discharging firearms in poorly ventilated areas, cleaning firearms, or handling ammunition may result in exposure to lead and other substances known to the State of California to cause birth defects, reproductive harm and other serious physical injuries. Have adequate ventilation at all times. Wash hands thoroughly after exposure.



WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to – www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Additional information

Weight 0.4 lbs

Black/Cerakote, Silver/Unfinished

13 reviews for PistolGear “TIKI” Compensator

  1. Venom Customs-Nashville

    We installed the TIKI comp on a customer’s XDM. The pistol was built for Steel and USPSA Open. We are blown away by the result of this compensator. The flip is widely reduced and felt recoil is non existent. It was easy to keep the dot on a 10″ circle at 25 yards. This is now our go-to comp for our XD customers.

  2. Bobby Carver (CARVER Custom)

    Fantastic Compensator for 9MM Major. We’ve been building polymer raceguns for the past 15 years but have never built an XDM or XD 9MM Major racegun until the Tiki became available. It’s amazing how well it handles the 165+K 9MM ammunition. If you are considering an Open Racegun project with your XD or XDM 9MM, I HIGHLY recommend this compensator.

  3. Chris

    Love this muzzle break, and how it looks. I’m using it on a XD Service model 9mm 4″. But one problem, rounds don’t cycle and I’m having a hell of a time finding a lighter recoil spring. Any help? PG NOTE: While a lighter recoil spring helps, you likely need to find “hotter” ammunition. Your everyday 115gr 9MM ammo does not have enough pressure. If you don’t reload, look for +P or +P+ ammunition. Everglades Ammo makes some nice 9MM Major loads.

  4. Brandyn

    This product does exactly what it’s intended to. I strongly recommend this to anyone in the market for a solid compensator.

  5. Jeff

    Best addition by far!! This comp with a 13# spring handles 115 gr box ammo like a champ. No ftf in over 6000 rds so far. Greatly reduced muzzle flip and accuracy is superb at 25 yards.

  6. Luke A

    Effective at recoil reduction but I had to remove it. I have a 13-15 lb springs with hot ammo and it still wouldn’t cycle reliably with factory ammo. I tried commander springs and also cut down many types of full length 1911 springs with no luck. It maybe could cycle with the 11 and 13 lb springs but they are not powerful enough to push the slide into battery.

  7. Ron Weber

    Worked with Bobby Carver at Carver Customs to resolve injection issues. Added the skinny 1911 guide rod to allow a 9 lb spring (replacing a 14 lb). Cycles perfectly and tamed muzzle flip by about 50%. Awesome product…thanks Bobby! Will experiment with stiffer springs now that the FTE issue is solved.


    Its too heavy and the spent bullet won’t eject. I had to move the slide on each bullet to chamber the next.
    As for quality it is a well made and sturdy. I just cant use it on my XD 9mm.

    • PistolGear Support

      Your issue is not the weight of the comp but more your choice of ammunition. As we stat on the product page, in order for you to use a comp, any comp that actually does what a comp is supposed to do, you need to run hotter ammo. Run of the mill 115gr 9mm is not going to cut it. Try some 124gr +P ammo or better yet, buy some 9mm major loads from of the online resources. The comp will work, the gun will run and you will see magic before your eyes.

  9. John

    Great compensator. Put in a 14lb recoil spring and extra power striker spring, using +p or major power ammo, it runs great. Its amazing how fast you can get back on target, very well made comp too, love the addition of the set screws on the bottom to help secure it in place.

  10. Brian Livingston

    Looks good, reduced felt recoil to good, easy to assemble. I needed another recoil spring as it reduced recoil to much. Trying to decide if I should use blue loctite as it starts to loosen after a bit. Overall the bugs are small and easy to fix. Easy groups with this compensator.

  11. Carl Dean

    This works great

  12. Lawrence Beech

    Good quality. No machining required.

  13. PistolGear Support

    The use of a compensator is a balancing act and our Tiki compensator is very efficient. The primary reason for a comp is to direct some of the gas/expelled during ignition up, to drive the barrel down, instead of out, which causes the slide to go back. Therefore, you must run hotter load and lighter springs. If you have a slide longer than 5″, you need to consider the mass of that slide too, and what is required to move the mass of the slide. A stop pipe failure means the slide did not move rearward enough to extract, eject the empty shell, and feed a new cartridge. Therefore, if you are running +P+ ammo, a lighter spring is required. You can also clip a coil or to from the spring. In short, you need to tune your pistol when a comp is used.

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