Frequently Asked Questions


We are often asked questions regarding the products and services we offer. For the benefit of all, we decided to share the most common questions and answers. If you have a question that is not listed below contact us via the site contact form


Contact Questions

What is the best way to get a question addressed?

Via email. Send us your question and we will quickly answer it. If a call is required, we will call you with additional information.

Does PistolGear have a phone number?

Our phone number is (815) 733-1818. Since we are often on the phone or in the shop and unable to answer the phone, we suggest you email your request to us. We have found 95% of the questions posed to us are resolved within 30 seconds via email.

Can I place an order over the phone?

No.  We don’t accept orders over the phone. For security reasons, we only accept orders via our on-line store. We have gone to great lengths and expense to secure our site. Please note that at no time do we have access to your credit card number.

Does PistolGear have an address?

We have a PO BOX available if customer would like to send payment, return an item. Our address is: PO BOX 387, Plainfied, IL  60544

Shipping Questions

I do not live in the United States. Will you ship an order outside of the US?

No. Under no circumstance will we ship an order outside of the US. Sorry.

I want to have my order sent to a freight forwarding agency, to handle the shipment to me (outside the US)

No. Under no circumstance will an order to be shipped outside of the US. If we see that an order is being shipped to a freight fowarding agency, we will cancel the order.

I would like to have my order shipped to another address. Is this possible?

No. Sorry. For the protection of our customers, we only ship orders to the credit card billing address – the address entered when placing your order. Reason being, most fraudulent orders are a result a shipping to an address other than the credit card’s billing address.

Do you offer a shipping option other than US Priority Mail?

Not at this time. We use Priority Mail because it offers the most value and is the most efficient means we have found. Most of our customers receive their shipment within three days of us sending out their order.

Today is Wednesday and I need some items for a training class that I have this coming Saturday. Can I order and item and have it over-nighted?

Sorry. At this time, we cannot help you. Perhaps you can find the items you need locally.

How much do you charge for shipping?

The amount we charge you for shipping is the amount we are charged by the US Postal Service for the collective weight of your order. The amount charged includes the cost of shipping and insurance.

The part I need weighs next to nothing, so why is your shipping costs so high?

All orders ship US Priority Mail, Insured. Any package that weighs less than one pound costs the same to ship, whether the total weight is one ounce or one pound.

Why do you charge a handling fee?

We charge a small, flat handling fee for each order. This minuscule amount is to offset costs associated with the packing and shipping an order, such as boxes, tape, packing material, and more.

Magazine Capacity Restrictions

I live in California. Will you (PLEASE!) ship your magazine extensions to CA?

California state law prohibits the sale of “conversions kits” and expressly includes base pads in this list. We will not ship magazine extensions that have the capability to take the magazine past 10 rounds to CA residence. This includes LEOs.

What states restrict “Hi Capacity” magazines?

The following are areas that limit ammunition magazines, to the best of our knowledge. The below list may be out dated or incomplete. There may be specific laws and restrictions in your area. It is your responsibility to be aware of become with your local laws and ordinances. This list may not be accurate and should be used for reference only.

    • New Jersey = MAX 15 ROUND
    • Connecticut = MAX 10 ROUND
    • California = MAX 10 ROUND
    • Hawaii = MAX 10 ROUND
    • Maryland = MAX 20 ROUND
    • Massachusetts = MAX 10 ROUND
    • New York = MAX 7 ROUND
    • Ohio = MAX 30 ROUND
    • Colorado = MAX 15 ROUND
    • District of Columbia = MAX 10 ROUND

While this list is just a reference and not always current, more information on gunlaws and such can be found on (which is a fantastic resource for gun owners).

If I buy a magazine, will you take it a part and ship me the parts instead of the completed magazine?

No. Law enforcement is smarter than that and we don’t sell magazine “part kits”. We sell complete magazines.

Magwell Questions

Will your STI Magwell fit my STI 2011?

If your 2011 is a wide body model, using the frame as is used on the Eagle as an example, the magwell will fit your gun. We do know that our magwell will not fit the STI Guardian due to this models small frame.

I recently installed a PistolGear Magwell on my pistol and I want to bevel the inside of the pistol frame as suggested. What is the best way to do this?

Step One: Place the Magwell on the frame. Step Two: Take a sharpie and marke the plastic edge of the frame that is inside the magwell’s bevel. Step Three: Remove the magwell. Step Four: Slowly remove the areas of plastic that you marked using a file or a Dremel tool with a rotary sanding drum. Go slow and remove the plastic at a angle similar to that of the magwell. It will take a few minutes but it is quite simple to do.

Do you offer a magwell for the XD MOD.2?

Yes we do. The XD and XD MOD.2 use the same magwell.

Do I need to use mag extensions with the Patriot Magwell?

No. The Patriot design allows you to use your stock magazines without the need of mag extensions or slam pads.

I noticed that your Magwell for the CZ P-10F is made of plastic. What is your warranty on this part?

Our Magwell for the CZ P-10F is made of a durable, fiber-filled polymer. If the Magwell breaks during normal use, we will replace it for free. You need only email us pictures of the broken part and an explanation of how/when the part broke.

PistolGear Magazine Extensions

I own a XD(m) in 40SW and I want to use your 170mm extension for competition. How many rounds can I get into the magazine with your 170mm extension if I use the stock follower?

Once you slightly modify your stock follower as instructed below, we expect you to be able to load 23 rounds in the tube. Here is a video that shows the setup that you are referring too:

What is the difference between a kit that include the Grams Spring & Follower versus the kit that does not?

The Grams kit allows for maximum capacity. That said, the Grams kit does not lock the slide back when empty. We offer both options so the customer can decide which is more important; capacity or the slide locking back when empty.

I really like the look of PistolGear’s extended base pad. How is the extention secured to the magazine tube?

Each extension will included a small, threaded screw that you will install once the magazine extension is installed. No need to overtighten the little screw.

What is the best way to color in the marking dips on the PistolGear Base Pads?

We found that white nail polish or white model paint works well. We suggest you dip the tipe of a toothpick into the paint, then just touch it within the dip. You need only a little paint to fill the dip.

How many tools do you include with your extended base pads?

We include one hex key per order.

Are the PistolGear Extended Base Pads IDPA legal?


Barrel Questions

When I buy a barrel, does the barrel need to ship to a FFL?

No. The barrel will ship to you directly.

Will your .357SIG and 9MM conversion barrels fit the new XDm?

We offer conversion barrels specific for the XDm platform.

How do StormLake Barrels compare to others on the market?

Without going into any detail or bashing the products offered
by others, we feel that the StormLake barrel is the best barrel for the XD line currently on the market.

You stated that your barrels are “Match Grade”. Does that mean the barrel needs to be fitted by a gunsmith?

People often misunderstand the term “Match Grade” and the firearm industry in some cases has taken advantage of this lack of understanding. Many think that “Match Grade” is the same as “Match Fit”. Match Grade means that the material used is high quality, rifling and crown allows for the best performance, and some key dimensions are oversized slightly in order to increase performance. Match Fit means that a barrel is produced oversized, requiring the barrel to be custom fit to a customer’s pistol by an experience gunsmith.  By PistoLGear offering Match Grade barrels, we are able to offer our customers a product that is superior to a stock barrel yet without the added cost of having the barrel fitted by a gunsmith.

I have heard that using a Conversion Barrel is either hit-or-miss or not possible at all. What do you say?

What we say is that conversion barrels are a great option for those who want to practice with ammo that costs less. Conversion barrels are not for personal carry, duty or competition as conversion barrel will likely be less reliable than your factory barrel. This holds true for any brand conversion barrel. To reduce your chances of failure, you should use caliber specific magazines and a reduced weight recoil spring.

When converting down in caliber, we suggest that you use magazines specific to the caliber you are shooting in order to reduce feed and injection issues.

Can your barrels support +P loads?

Yes. The barrels we offer can supported +p+ factory loads as well.

Is the chamber of your barrel fully support?

Our barrels include a chamber that fully supports the case, reduce the chance of a case splitting during live fire.

I want to use both a compensator and a suppressor on my threaded barrel. Is there one barrel length that will allow me to use both appliances?

At present, we only offer barrel cut to Suppressor length. That said, we also carry a Compensator by YHM that will install on the barrel. The setup looks great and works very well.

Remember, when running a Compensator, you will likely need to tune your pistol to compensate for the lost gas used to recoil the gun. A lighter recoil spring will usually be enought.

On the ported barrel, are the ports under the slide or beyond the muzzle end of the slide? I cannot tell.

The ports are beyond the muzzle end of the slide, allowing you to use the barrel with a solid slide. Since the ports are outside of the slide, this barrel is longer than your factory barrel.

Trigger Questions

Will the XD Trigger Upgrade Kit work in my XD45ACP?

We offer a kit specific to the XD45ACP model. If you purchase the kit for the XD45ACP, you will get the components required to run with that model. Please note that only 45ACP without the thumb safety are compatible with the kits we offer.

I have a XD45ACP model that includes the manual safeties. Can you tell me if the Springer Precision 45ACP Kit will work with my gun.

Not at this time, sorry. The kit we sell is for models that don’t include the manual safeties

I have installed the Springer Precision Trigger Kit on my gun and I noticed that on some brands of ammunition I am getting a light strike. Any thoughts?

Some brands of ammunition use harder primers (e.g CCI, Winchester, others). If you come across a brand where you are getting light hits, we suggest you use your stock striker spring and NOT the striker spring that came with the trigger kit. We also know that frangible ammunition will not fire with the reduced weight spring because of the lead-free tough primer. For frangible ammo, use your stock spring.

Do you have any instructions on fitting the XD Trigger Bar? I ask because I installed the bar and the gun will not fire. I assume I need to do a little work in order to get the gun to run properly. I would appreciate any help you can offer.

One of the XDTalk members did a great write up on his fitting experience. The information he shares is excellent and I encourage you to review his work. The write-up is well done:

I have the XD Subcompact in 9mm. Will the Trigger Upgrade Kit you offer fit my gun?

Yes it will. We also stock the Springer Precision trigger for the XDSC, which will allow you to limit your Pre-Travel and Over-Travel.

What kit is better. The Springer kit or the Powder River kit?

What we can say is if both kits were the same, we will sell just one. Since both firms mentioned offer great kits, we suggest you pick one that best meets your needs.

Guide Rod Questions

I purchased your Tiki Compensator for my XDM.  I need a lighter spring. What options do I have?

Before you purchase a spring, you need to purchase our SKINNY Guide Rod for the XDM. This will allow you many choices for spring weight ranging from nine pounds to 24 pounds.our SKINNY XDM Guide Rod uses the same springs at the XD Tactical.

Is the PistolGear Heavy Guide Rod solid Tungsten?

No. The tungsten rod is inserted into a steel sleeve. Tungsten is both expensive and brittle and our setup allows for years of use with having to worry about the rod breaking during use.

What recoil springs are compatible with the PistolGear HEAVY Guide Rod

Any spring that is compatible with the factory guide rod will work with our HEAVY Guide Rod, including those springs avaiable on our site.

Do you offer a Guide Rod for the XD45ACP Service model?

At the present time, because of a lack of viable spring options, we do not offer the Tungsten Guide Rod for the XD45ACP Service/Compact model. We hope that this changes in the near future.

I have a Canyon Creek Tungsten
Guide Rod for the XD9/40. Can you tell me if you offer replacement springs for this guide rod?

We do offer springs for the Canyon Creek Tungsten Rod. The rod you have uses the same springs used with our XD Guide Rods.

Do you offer a replacement, one-piece guide rod for the XD Subcompact? Does Don make one?

There is currently no replacement one-piece setup for the XDSC, sorry.

I am looking at your guide rods, yet I don’t know what spring weight to choose. What do you suggest?

Spring weight is subjective and depends on many factors. If you have the XD Service model, you shouldn’t to go less than 18# for reliability reasons. For the Tactical, 16# is as light as you should go. If you shoot MINOR Power Factor reloads, the minimum weights are a good starting weight. For factory ammunition, we suggest weights of 20 to 22 pounds.

I ordered a recoil spring for my XD and you sent me a 1911 spring. How do I go about getting the correct spring?

The spring you received is correct as long as you are using it with one of the guide rods we offer.

What do I do with the small spring (firing pin spring) that I received with my Don’s Guide Rod.

That spring is for a 1911 and is NOT compatible with the XD. You can either install it in a 1911 or throw it in the trash. Whatever you do, do NOT install it in a XD.

Do you have an instruction sheet that will help with the installation of Dons Guide Rod?

Installation is simple. Insert the bushing into your slide, pressing it firmly in place, Then, slip the CLOSED end of the spring over the end of the Guide Rod.

Are the guide rods you offer IDPA legal?

Yes, as long as you are not referring to the Tungsten rods we sell. The stainless steel guide rods we offer are IDPA legal.

Can I use the stock spring that came with my XD Tactical with your Tactical length Guide Rod?


Do you carry a guide rod for the XD(m) 45ACP Model?

Yes. The XD(m) 45ACP uses the same guide rod as the XD(m) 9MM and 40SW models. This same guide rod WILL NOT work with the XD Slim in 45ACP.

Is the Hammer Guide Rod IDPA legal?

If you are competing in SSP with your XDm, the answer is no as the Hammer Guide Rod is longer than the factory guide rod.

Grip Questions

Will the Pearce Grip Extension fit the XD45ACP magazines?

Yes, but you must order the 45ACP version.

What non-PistolGear magazine extensions work with PistolGear magwells?

From what we have seen, have tested and have been told, most if not all will work with our magwells. That said, some fitting of the base pads may be required.

Does the Pearce Grip Extension fit the XD45ACP Compact?

Yes, as long as you are referring too the XD45ACP model by Pearce Grips

Does the Pearce Grip Extension fit the XDm?

We offer a Pearce Extension specifically for the XDm

Do you carry a Pearce Grip Extension for the XD Slim model?


Which grip sleeve is better, the Hogue or the Pachmayr?

There is no right answer on this one. Both grips options are quality and either one would be the right choice.

I recently purchased the Hogue
Slip-On Grip for my XD Tactical. It is tight fitting! Is there a trick to getting this thing installed so it will not tear?

A trick is to fill a bowl with hot water. Place the grip into the bowl, allowing the rubber to soften from the heat. The soft, wet rubber will make the installation of the grip much easier. Once installed, just dry the grip and frame with a towel and allow the rest to air dry.

Any tricks on keep a rubber grip sleeve from moving around?

Sure. A simple trick is to spray the inside of the grip with hairspray before installing. When wet, the hairspray will act a lubricant helping with installation. When dry, the hairspray will act like a non-permanent glue.

Is the PistolGear Magwell for XD legal for USPSA Production?


Is the PistolGear Magwell legal in IDPA?

Yes, as long as you are referring to our “Operator” models and you plan to shoot in ESP and not SSP.

What is the difference between your UnLimited, Operator and Patriot Magwell?

In short, size. The UnLimited in huge and made for USPSA competition. Mr. Massad Ayoob referrs to our UnLimited Magwell as a “flower put that just sucks magazines into the frame”. The Operator is smaller than the UnLimited and geared towards IDPA shooters because of the “box” requirement. The Patriot is the smallest of the three and is for personal carry and duty. All three, regardless of model, will make reloads faster and smoother.

If I install your Slam Pads, will my gun still fit the IDPA box?

It should; that is the plan. We suggest you install the parts, find an IDPA box and make sure. No two IDPA boxes are alike because most are made of pine and the pine shrinks. If you need to shape your Slam Pads, you can easily do it with a benchtop belt sander.

Extended Mag Release Button Questions

Is the Canyon Creek Big Button magazine release IDPA legal? USPSA Product legal?

No and no. It is USPSA Limited and L10 legal however.

Is the Springer Precision Extended Magazine release button IDPA legal?

For what we understand, Yes.

Is installation of the magazine release button difficult?

No. Look on YouTube, as there are a few video that cover this effort.

Holster Questions

I intend to shoot IDPA and USPSA this year and I am looking for a holster. Of the holsters you sell for the XD, which one would be best for me?

For starters, you want a holster that meets the rules for each of the sports. Beyond that, you want a holster that will secure the weapon yet allow you to adjust the tension for a smooth draw. We have several options that will work, such as the Blade-Tech Belt Holster and the BlackHawk Holsters.

What holsters are compatible with the UM Sight Mount you offer?

UM offers their own holster for use with the UM Sight Mount. What is great about the UM holster is that the holster is universal, as the holster fits the mount and not the pistol. This allows you to use the same holster with any gun that the mount fits on.

If I use the Blade-Tech Klipt holster as an IWB holster, can I tuck my shirt in?

While you can tuck your shirt in and around the pistol, the clips used are not the “tuckable” kind. This is best for instances where your shirt is bloused or under a coat or jacket.

I see you carry a BlackHawk Serpa holster for the Service model. Do you carry one for the Tactical model?

BlackHawk does not offer a Serpa for the Tactical model. The Tactical model will fit this holster, yet the muzzle will extend beyond the open end of the holster.

Does BlackHawk make a Serpa holster for the XD(m) model?

At the time this question was ask, the answer is/was NO.  The XD(m) will fit the Serpa holster we carry, but the gun may move slightly as you walk around due to the slide angles being different on the XD(m) models.

Sight Questions

Do you install sights?

Not at this time. We do sell a great sight pusher so you can install the sight yourself.

Will the XD sights you sell also fit the XDm?

Yes. Unless noted otherwise, any sight intended for the XD will fit the XDm 4.5 models as well.

What sights fit the XD MOD.2?

Unless noted otherwise, any sight intended for the XD will fit the XD MOD.2 as well, since the XD, XDm and XD MOD.2 have the same dovetail slide cuts.

I am looking for a good set of night sights and I see you carry a few options. Which is best?

Each brand and model has a feature that is better than another. In the end, you need to consider your needs and select an option that best meets your needs.

What is the difference between the TRUGLO TFO, TFX and TFX Pro sights?

Each option has a different price point. The higher the price the more features in the sight.

Are the Dawson Precision sights you sell good quality? I have never heard for Dawson Precision.

Absolutely. Dawson Precision is well known in the competitive shooting arena and their quality is top-notch. Competitive shooters on average shoot more in a year than the Average Joe in a life time. Dawson Sights ride the slide of many competitors.

I am looking to purchase a new set of sights for my XD. How do I know if they will work with the holster I

To answer this, you are best to e-mail us the brand and model of holster you have and the brand and model of sights you intend to use. We do know that the Dawson Adjustable Set’s Front Sight is too tall for BlackHawk holsters. There may be some other examples of incompatibility.

I want to purchase sights that allow for a 6:00 hold / 12:00 Point of Impact. Can you tell me which sights allow for this?

What you are referring too is commonly called “pumpkin on a post” where the bullet hits the target just above the blade of the front sight. Unfortunately there is no way to guarentee where any FIXED sight will hit. If you want to tune your POI and POA, you need to purchase a set of sights with an adjustable rear. Only then will you have the sight picture you require.

Can you tell me specifically what Red Dot optics are compatible with the UM Sight Mount?

No, because that list is long and ever growing. That said, any red dot sight that includes a picatinny rail mount, often a two sided vise like clamping mechanism, will fit the UM Sight Mount.

Sales Tax

Does PistolGear charge sales tax?

All orders having an Illinois billing address are required to include Illinois sales tax. As of 1 January 2008, the rate of this tax is 8.5%. This rate is applied to the full order amount, shipping & handling fees included per Illinois law.


What is Cerakote?

Cerakote is a ceramic based finish that can be applied to metals, plastics, polymers and wood. The unique formulation used for Cerakote ceramic coating enhances a number of physical performance properties including abrasion/wear resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, impact strength, and hardness. Each of these properties is rigorously tested to guarantee that Cerakote products remain at the forefront of the ceramic coatings market. Cerakote ceramic coatings outperform competitive coatings in both laboratory settings and real-world applications.

Does PistolGear offer Cerakote services? I have a slide I want to have refinished.

We do not. There are many Cerakote certified coaters throughout the country. If you are looking for a suggestion, check out

Why should I coat my firearms and small parts in Cerakote finish?

The value of a firearm can be diminished by holster wear, trigger action, hammer, slides, recoil, corrosion, smoothness and appearance. It does not matter if your weapon is used for hunting, target practice, competition, self-defense, or professionally, reliability and performance are the critical components for success.

Will the Cerakote finish crack, chip, or peel like some of your traditional spray-on firearm finishes?

No. Cerakote is a baked on finish that is highly durable.

How tough is the Cerkote finish?

So tough that it is quickly becoming the defacto finish in the firearm industry.

“Out of Stock” Items

There is an item option that is currently out of stock. Can you notify me when the item is arrives?

Yes. You will first need to sign up via our website and complete the notification information. You can do this by first trying to put the item in your card. A box will pop up asking you for your applicable information. When the product arrives and is put to stock, you will receive an email.

Can you email me when an item is put into stock?

Yes. You will first need to sign up to be notified via our store.  You can sign up You do this by completing the applicable box that asks for your contact information.